Piano Lessons in Your Home

At Cincinnati Strings our goal is to help you incorporate music into your child’s life!  Our highly qualified, world class instructors know how to support your child’s interest and progress in piano studies through thoughtful, individualized instruction using a variety of methods. 

How it works:

With Cincinnati Strings you get streamlined and personalized services that make adding piano instruction to your life easy.  Simply call, text or email the office and we will work with you to find the perfect teacher for your needs and schedule.  Lessons are held once a week in your home for thirty, forty-five, or sixty minutes. 

Who will my teacher be?

Our piano teachers are all professionally trained as educators and performers.  We recognize that every student is unique and work to match individual students with just the right teacher based on learning goals, skill level and personality.

What ages and skill levels do you teach?

Our piano teachers work with students of all ages and abilities.  Some specialize in introducing the instrument to children as young as 3, while others support adults as they begin a new learning journey.  As educators and performers, our piano instructors have the skills necessary to teach budding musicians interested in learning the basics as well as those with dreams of carrying their musical talents to the college level and beyond. 


Meet Our Teachers