Declan Practiced Violin for 1,000 Days!

CHCA Violin Lessons

Congratulations to Declan for completing 1,000 days of practice! Declan attends Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) and studies Suzuki Violin with Mrs. Jennifer in Mason, OH. When she asked him what motivates him to practice, he said "the challenge is worth the practice."  The negative side of practicing so much is that it "takes up some of my playtime", but he seems to cope with it pretty well!! He has surpassed the 1000 days of consecutive practice and has only taken a few days off since then because he had the flu and could not hold up his violin. 

Declan's favorite song right now is Long, Long Ago in Suzuki Violin Book 2, because he likes the Variation with complicated bowing patterns. His most recent piece is the Two Grenadiers.  He listens to the Suzuki CDs all the time and has the pieces memorized before he learns the notes which really helps him learn faster.  Declan works hard on his music and his parents also work very hard to help him stay motivated. He joined the Cincinnati Strings Advanced Violin Group Class this year, where he is mastering his note reading skills and learning how to play in an ensemble with other violinists.

Declan started learning violin at the age of three. Now he is almost 7 years old, and look how far he's come! Congrats, Declan on such a huge achievement! Keep up the good work!!

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