Dawson Practiced 700 Consecutive Days!

Congratulations to Dawson G. for practicing his violin 700 consecutive days! Can you believe that his goal is 1,000 days?? We recently had the chance to ask him a few questions about his practicing:

What is your newest song?  Hunter's Chorus from Suzuki Violin Volume Two
What have you learned in the last 100 days? Keeping my bow in the road.
What is your advice for remembering to practice every day? By keeping in mind that you get better every day. We also write the # big in the family calendar, so I (or Mom, or Dad) notice if there's not a # on today! 
What new skill have you learned in the last 100 days? I learned how to tune my violin!
What do you want to improve in the next hundred days? I want to improve my sight reading skills.
What's your favorite song that you've learned? Hunters Chorus

Dawson studies violin at Cincinnati Strings with Mrs. Melanie, and attends Dater Montessori. I, for one, am so impressed by his dedication and work ethic. Way to go, Dawson! Keep up the good work!

Dominic DeStefano