This One Tip Will Help You Practice More

OK, we've all seen headlines like this that turn out to be less than helpful. But, it turns out that there really is one simple thing that you can do to help increase the amount of time you or your child spends practicing! In our experience, those students who leave their instruments out of the case and ready to play practice much more often. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get the instrument out of the case and even five minutes of practice can be valuable. And often that five minutes may turn into 10 or 15 as you or your child start to get into it. You can leave the instrument sitting on a table or dresser, hanging on the wall or anywhere else that it is safe. As long as there's no danger of something falling on it or of a sibling or pet knocking it over, it should be fine. If you have enough space, you may even want to hang it on the wall. I found a hook for violins on Amazon here:


Dominic DeStefano