Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the teaching method that is best for my child?

  • Don't worry, you don't need to be an expert in music education to get the most out of your lessons! In your initial consultation with us, we will discuss the benefits of each available method and decide what will work best for your family.

What is Suzuki and how is it different from other methods?

  • The Suzuki method is unique in that the students learn their instruments in the same way that they learned their native language. The students can start as young as 3 years old and learn mostly by ear, developing music reading skills once they learn to read words. A core belief of the method is that every child can learn the violin given good teachers, parental involvement, and a willingness to learn. There's a great intro to the Suzuki method here:

What is a good age to start lessons?

  • You can start lessons at any age after 3, and our teachers are experienced in working with students of all ages. Students who want to start before they are 5 should use the Suzuki method.

Should I plan on participating in the lessons?

  • In our experience, we have found that parental involvement is key to student success regardless of the teaching method. We require that parents participate in the lessons of students 10 and younger and encourage involvement in the following years.

How long should my lessons be?

  • Beginning students of all ages should enroll in 30 minute lessons. As students progress, their lessons length may need to be increased in consultation with their teacher. Generally, intermediate students take 45 minute lessons and advancing student take 60 minute lessons.

Why rent from Cincinnati Stings? 

  • Knowing what instrument to get can be tricky, so you should always consult your teacher before renting or purchasing. If you rent from us, we take care of the whole process from instrument sizing to maintenance in your home, which many people find to be quite a hassle. Our goal is for logistical issues never to get in the way of your child's learning!

What if I already have a violin?

  • That's great! Your teacher will make sure that the instrument is the right size and quality. Violins range in size from 1/32 to full size and we strongly believe a quality instrument is essential to student success.